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Jul 11 2011

“Deliquescing” – Return to Earth Tech Journal

A companion book to Return to Earth – Man brought their advanced technologies when they returned to colonize Earth. This book delves deeper into these advanced technologies and how they work.

Have you ever considered how future space travelers will dispose of their dead? Will they set them adrift in space? Or, blast them toward a nearby star to incinerate?

In the SciFi Adventure trilogy, Return to Earth, our future man turned to recycling. Discover how deliquescing came into being.


The first mention of deliquescing comes in Chapter 29, Moving On, in two different scenes. Both times, the word deliquescing appears without explanation as all participants in the scene knew the word and understood its meaning and significance. The first time, Tania emerges from the bedroom and enters a conversation about the new fishing devices. The subject shifts to getting out of the apartment due to Carla’s recent murder.

Tania remained adamant, however. “Kry, I can’t stay here waiting on Law D-219 for Carla’s deliquescing. I have to get outside and dig in the dirt. I need to escape the memories of this place.”

Later, as the family makes its way to the motor pool, the mechanics pay their respects.

They asked about Carla’s deliquescing, and I said, “Law D-219 will expire this time tomorrow. We’ll proceed after that… perhaps tomorrow afternoon.” All of them expressed a desire to attend.

We gain insight to its importance in the society but not the meaning at this stage in the story.

The original glossary entry…
Meaning to melt away, or to become liquid. The act of refining and harvesting water and minerals from dead bodies.

What it does

In its simplest form, deliquescing removes one-hundred percent of the fluids trapped within the cells throughout the body. The deliquescing tanks melt the remains leaving the solid material behind, about thirty-percent of the original body mass. The tanks filter, separate and recycle all fluids. The distillation process has an immediate side benefit. Although unimportant on a planet with an oxygen-rich environment, the process releases a tremendous amount of trapped oxygen and hydrogen, a much-needed resource aboard Noah.

After distilling all fluids and the release of all oxygen and hydrogen from the body, processing of the remaining solids commences. Carbon, calcium and phosphorous are the most noteworthy mineral byproducts extracted during harvesting. Trace amounts of lesser minerals captured during the process result in residual value to the operator.

Once processed, the families take delivery of the balance of the solids for final disposal. Our Great Ancestors released the carcass into space, setting it on a trajectory for the nearest sun or gas planet. On New Earth, the processed and sterilized remains culminate in a ritualistic release of the body to the winds or currents as it’s scattered over the land or water.

How it Works

Discovering the correct amount of applied heat and pressure to extract one-hundred percent of the available water from the deceased took several centuries to perfect. Initial tests by our Great Ancestors extracted less than eighty-percent. During their voyage, they managed to increase tank efficiency to ninety-five percent.

New Earth scientist experimented with mineral extraction techniques following the founding of NewEarth Universityfor the Sciences, or ‘Nee-US’. Through their unending research, they achieved a breakthrough within fifty years thereby extracting the remaining five-percent of water from deceased bodies.

The Future

Research into deliquescing ended several hundred years ago. Over time, processing of fluids and harvesting of minerals reached one-hundred percent, with further pursuit deemed unnecessary.

Today, however, refinements to mechanisms, improvements in tank design and the use of new lightweight, hybrid materials created the need for further study. Heatless distillation and odorless evaporative systems presently employed save both time and expense.

Moreover, the new tanks process the deceased in far less time. Where it had taken our Great Ancestors more than one week to achieve eighty-percent efficiency, the new tanks process a body in under thirty-minutes and capture all of the available fluids and minerals.

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