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Mar 25 2011

Return to Earth: An Adventure to Recolonize, Book One

In Return to Earth: An Adventure to Recolonize, the year is 5237 C.E. We follow the hardships of humanity’s return to colonize Earth 3,000 years after their Great Ancestors abandoned the dying, polluted planet.

In the Prologue, we learn our Great Ancestors abandoned Earth. Climate change, food shortages, starvation and eventually war, left the planet near death. In order to survive, humanity needed to venture deep into space to find a suitable replacement. Fifty-thousand brave men, women and children, sailed forth in search of a new home.

Three-thousand years later, probes sent from ‘New Earth’ revealed the Mother Planet had healed itself. The atmosphere cleared, water’s purified and vast forests and grasslands appeared once again. The decision made, humanity embarked on a pilgrimage to Return to Earth. What will they find? How will they survive? What obstacles and hardships must they endure?

The threat is not the planet, it comes from within. A conspiracy to cripple or destroy the mission. But why? And from whom?

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